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Backup electric generators supply power during an outage. They are permanently connected appliances that operate automatically when the utility power supply is interrupted and begin to supply the home with power just seconds after the outage occurs

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Whether you need a small or large generator installation job in Springfield, MA 01101, a permanently installed electric generator home backup generator protects your home automatically. The first step is finding a trusted and insured company for installation. Our Springfield Techs are your one stop reliable shop. Here we have handpicked local generator installers who meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service that will help you select the right standby generator for your home in Springfield, MA 01101.

Helpful Tips From Springfield, MA 01101 Techs 888-530-8281

Have the generator installed at least 5 feet from all windows and doors.
Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for placement. Some units meet fire codes that allow installation as close as eighteen inches from a home, but that does not mean they will meet local codes.
Do you have neighbors here in Springfield 01101? Your installation will affect them with noise and exhaust. Minimizing these factors is important. At twenty feet, a quality air-cooled unit makes about as much noise as a central air conditioner. Avoid putting the generator any closer.

Ensure that both your Springfield, MA homeowners association and the local building department will approve the project. In most cases this is easily accomplished with a couple of phone calls.

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